the interview


Altough I no longer live in Eupen, it will always be my hometown. So when Jil – blogger for – asked me if I’d be willing to be interviewed for the local newspaper, I just could’nt say no. A skype session and various e-mails later this is the result. An amzingly written article with a huge ass photo of yours truly.
The day it got published, my grandmother called me  all excited saying my face is on the frontpage and she wasn’t sure rather it was actually her grand-child or another Stéphanie Bosten. To see her so happy and proud just made my day, because that’s what it’s all about no? Family, Happiness and Joy in what you do.

nightly adventures






faux fur vest – Scotch & Soda sweater – Sandro pants – Zara clutch – Vintage Delvaux
red fluff-jacket - Vintage
coat – my Grandma’s closet hat – Gerard Darel sunglasses – Céline  turtleneck – Zara

Nightly adventures. That’s what we were up to the day before New Years. Eventough that’s already a month ago, let me show you the results anyways.Plus, lets face it why shoot/style the lovely Marloes and hide the pictures on my computer till the end of time.

(Ph. Sam De Backer)

the throwback

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photographer  Nicola Favaron  make up by Mac Cosmetics  model  Nick Sawo

It’s throwback thursday everybody!
And that’s why I’m gonna take you down memory lane today.
As some of my friends are still living in London, I  keep being reminded of the fun times I had in my last year as a student ever ( the real world was calling)  & so I thought it was time to show you guys a little sneak peek of what was my first shoot ever.
Imagine all the drama that can happen to you on such an important day like this and you get a clue of how I was feeling. You must know I kinda have a fear of failure, so I was freaking the hell out when I heard that we had to change models at the very last minute, didn’t have the background we agreed on – so a change of lights was neccessary too. Did I mention time was running out before the studio closed..?!
Eventhough I might turn into a stressy person when it’s not going as planned, I always try to follow my “grove” (pardon my cliché) and just keep focussed on what I want as a result! Once Nicki was ready to rumble, everything fell right into place and we just had an amazing time.

-xo stéph

the citylights






     Darkness, freezing my butt off and a gorgeous swedish blonde.
The perfect setting for a shoot, right?
When Aurélie – la make-up artist – and I prepped this beauty, Sam and his assistant Sofie discussed wether doing the shoot inside, outside, daylight, waiting till its dark or, or, or.. well you see where I’m going with this.
At the end it wasn’t even their choice to make, as nature took over and just decided to keep us in the dark.
With a quick adjustment of adding some layers, so the model wouldn’t turn into an icecube, we found ourselves in the middle of the streets of Brussels during rush hour and some hidden places that look like Paris.
I hope you like the shots as much as I do, because even In winter – and yes even combined with some rain, I do love shoots on location.

Have a nice day everyone

-xo stéph

photographer – Sam De Backer assistant photographer – Sofie De Pauw
mua – Aurélie Vanhauter
model – Charlotte / FlagModels

the backstage

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A place filled with beautiful girls, pretty sexy lingerie, a whole bunch of amazing flower crowns, lace masks and to top it all: cars. Nice cars to be specific. Yes, I do admit I have a little weakness when it comes to (race) cars. I guess it has something to do with the adrenaline that kicks in when you hear the engine, feel the speed.. Well lets not get drifted away and keep the focus on fashion.
Where was I?
Ah , yes . Backstage of  a lingerie show to launch Audi’s recent addition, the new R8!!
So Emma was asked to style a lingerie show and as she is one of my favourite stylists, I couldn’t resist the offer to assist her on this specific styling concept.
So here I am, backstage and enjoying every (stressy) minute of it. When I tell you that cars give me an adrenaline kick, well so does a fashionshow. I just love the rush that’s going on backstage.
I tried to capture some of it back there, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.
Have a lovely mondaynight everybody!

-xo stéph

ps: go check out – – for more fashion galore!

the casualness


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trenchcoat Religion fur collar Grandma’s closet tshirt Esprit jeans Vintage Levis
sneakers Converse sunglasses Céline

Hey everyone!!
I hope you guys were able to enjoy the sun earlier this week. Those colder days filled with rays of sunshine are just the best, aren’t they?
While strolling around to find some last missing pieces for an upcoming shoot, I took a little break to show you what my perfect casual look is all about.
When it comes to combining comfort & fashion on long days like I had the past week, I always end up wearing some jeans and Converse sneakers – well lets say 75 % of the time, I do have my occasional “lets glam it up kinda day”.
Don’t ask me why, but it’s just that one to-go-to look when everything else just seems “blah”. I guess I’m one of those who are satisfied with the simplicity of a long sleeved shirt and a trench on those days. Not that some accessories would be wrong to complete this look, but It wouldn’t make me feel how I wanted to feel , if you know what I mean.
Because in the end, fashion is all about being yourself, no?

the morning routine

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sweater Isabel Marant skirt Essentiel boots Zara

Hello & Goodmorning!
Well, good would make me a liar, you see I’m not that big of a morning-person. I need music (preferably on the highest volume), coffee, and a shower to be the enthusiastic girl as most people know me. So after my morning routine, I find myself standing in front of my wardrobe, having no single clue of what I should wear. As my chances of running late became real, I just grabbed the first things I could find. I kid you not, even I can be one of those people.
So this was the result.
Actually some old favourites I never wore together, but now had no other choice to.
Everytime I wear this paticular Marant sweater, it reminds me of my time in London and the friends I made there. One of them gave me this one as a birthday gift and I must say, I miss her terribly. So I decided to just do it, and book a train ticket to London.
Countdown starts now, and I have to say I can’t wait to see them!
I hope you guys have a wonderfull (rainy) day!

-xo stéph